Model :YK6901

Air temperature:40(℃)




Electric current:4A

Air volume:75m3/H

Air speed:80M/s

Protection grade:IP22

Product size:L256*W170*H520mm

Carton size:300mm*560mm*620mm

Color :white

Material :ABS plastic (shell)





1.Infrared intelligent induction;

2.Advanced intelligent control chip;

3.Stable and reliable performance,energy and time saving;

4Adopting high speed motor,blow-dry whthin 15 seconds;

5.Overheating and overtime protection system to avoid accidents;

6.Wall design,easy installation and use without professional;

Hand dryer is a automatic sensor blower to dry and clean hands used in washroom.Hand dryer is advanced and ideal sanitary cleaning utensils and equipment in the modern,It is mainly used in hotels,restaurants,institutions,hospitals,public places of entertainment,and family bathroon and so on.After washing hands,please let hands under the outlet of automatic hand dryer,the machine will automatically send a comfortable warm wind,making your wet hands todry quickly,when hands leave the automatic hand dryer,it will automatically stop.It can dry you hand with out paper or tower and prevent from cross infection.