Product detail




Net weight:394g

Gross weight:460g

Gift box size:L86*W92*H245mm

Carton size:L515*W470*H475mm


Carton weight:23.7KG


1.This model features a light sensor to allow daytime only or night only or 24 hours operation and a timer to vary the dosage frequency;

2.Light sensor: This enables the unit to be operated just in the daytime(day), just at night(night) or round the clock(24 hours);

3.Timer: This enables the dosage frequency to be varied every 5/10/15/20 minutes.

Product features:

1) Professional R & D team co-design, beautiful appearance.

2) Smart light-sensitive sensor probe, precise sensing;

3) High stability industrial motors, energy-lasting, super long service life;

4) Product uses 2 pcs D alkaline batteries, refilled with a 300ml fragrance can.

5) Parts: screws, rubber plugs.


1) Place unit as high as possible to make the fragrance effect more better.

2) A 300ml fragrance can will spray around 3000 times.

3) Two pcs D alkaline will last around 3 months.

4) Unit will spray when you adjust the switch from "off" to another postion.

5) Avoid spraying directly to your face.