Clean electric appliances are very common in our life, we can see a variety of soap dispenser, air freshener dispenser and hand dryer in hotels, public washrooms. But few people want to study these products’ materials and how about they work. Here let's learn about these cleaning appliances, so we can know more about them next time.

Three kinds of major parameters for soap dispenser, air freshener dispenser, hand dryer:

1、Shell - Housing material can influence the appearance of hand dryer, substandard materials may cause a fire hazard. High quality soap dispenser, hand dryer or air freshener dispenser shell commonly use flame retardant ABS plastic, metallic paint, as well as engineering plastics.

2、 Color - Color depends on mainly the collocation of individual be fond of and the overall environment. For example, food factory, or pharmaceutical factory will choose material own color as far as possible, because the painting may volatile, which can affect the safety of food or medicine. Start power is typically by manual or infrared sensor two ways. Now there is a new way to start, it is the photoelectric type, characterized by a fast start, not susceptible to environmental influences. For example, infrared light may lead to hand dryer turn on automatically or keep operation continually. Photoelectric hand dryer limits itself of reacting the amount of light which can prevent strong light disturb. It is also free touch and can prevent from cross-infection.

3、Weight- It is the installation place material that determine the weight choice. For example, cement brick wall generally need not pay attention to the product’s weight as long as the installation method is appropriate. But if the installation place material is color steel or other materials, it is necessary to consider the load-bearing capacity issues. Of course some hand dryers carry with stand to solve this problem.