After several adjustments and test, June 15, formally a new website is launched! New website has been a great innovation and improvement in form, function, operating as compared to the past . It will be more suitable for the company's products and image to publicity and promotion. is our company official Chinese website only, which is irreplaceable authoritative and professional. Our company attaches great importance to the revision work of this site. In order to make the new website successful on-line, our company began the revision business last year. Under the joint efforts of colleagues in the company, website has great changes on form, content, function. Not only did the website embody the features of the product, but also highlight the company's culture

New website design is more simple, filled with popular response type effect. It caters to the mobile reading habits of users, realizes the unification of mobile and PC, lets users learn about Yuekun at anytime and anywhere.

We innovated the company website based on existing information and the strategic direction of company products. Website aims to target high-level market and highlight the high-level, all-around and VIS effect of product promotion. It will fully demonstrate the image and spirit of Yuekun Technology. New website will maintain a combination of modern and traditional style. It makes contemporary interface and practical business platform. It will be a effective way for users to learn about and believe Yuekun.

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